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[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Our dogs hold a very special place in our hearts – and dog portraits from photos are really beautiful when painted or drawn in a single colour or a rich mix of colours.

Creating dog portraits from photos means that I am able to produce wonderful dog portraits without the need for lengthy sittings.

I offer a choice of creative styles, available from £99

  • single colour pencil
  • full colour pencil
  • pastel
  • watercolour

This means that I can create a piece of art that accurately reflects your dog and your personal preferences.

If you’d love a unique portrait featuring your beloved pet dog or trusty working dog – please give me a call or fill in the form and I’ll email all the information you need!

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Enquire Now!

Call 01206 822388 or complete this form for more information…

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Just wanted to say how delighted we were with the portrait of Ted, it is fantastic and much admired by all who see it! Many thanks again!

Gary D[su_spacer size=”6″]

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I have been drawing from an early age and studied art and design at Colchester Institute and Somerset College of Art & Technology in Taunton, I set up my own business in 1993.

My illustration services allow me to indulge my love of ‘freehand’ drawing with my pencils, pastels and watercolours – the nature of my illustration commissions; clients’ family members, pets and favourite places mean that they are always varied and interesting, each day bringing something new.

I am always keen to discuss ideas with clients and potential clients and more than happy to offer advice should you need it if you are unsure as to what style would best suit your needs – if you’d like to discuss an idea for a piece of work please give me a call.

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