Tips for better Photographs

The quality of photographs is influenced by many factors, including the quality and colour of light when the photograph is taken (your eyes are far more capable of ‘seeing’ consistent colours and details than any camera!), the size of the photograph and the size of the subject within that photograph.

For the very best photographs follow these simple tips:

  • It is better to take photographs in natural light or outdoors, but try to avoid very bright sunlight with harsh shadows – photographs taken indoors under lights often look yellow, so colour clarification may be required prior to starting.
  • Take your photographs at eye level if possible, not necessarily straight on as a slightly sideways view can be nice and interesting.
  • Try and fill the frame – get as close as possible for the best results. Unwanted elements like leads on dogs, lamp posts in front of buildings etc. can be removed from the photograph, all of this will be discussed with you prior to starting.

Remember, if YOU can’t see the detail in your photograph, neither will I so please make sure the features are clearly visible, especially the colour of the eyes. You could always send close up photos of eye colours and any details that may be missed.